Have you read the opinion piece by Henry I. Miller in Forbes? “Lax FDA Oversight Of ‘Compounded Drugs’ Is A Matter Of Life And Death.” Unfortunately what we have here is another example of uninformed and just plain inaccurate reporting. Mr. Miller states that pharmacy compounding is virtually unregulated, and “loopholes in the regulations that set the standards for a practice called ‘drug compounding’ have enabled dangerous products to injure and kill untold numbers of unsuspecting patients.” Mr. Miller seems to be woefully unaware of the regulatory role state boards of pharmacy have engaged in for years in pharmacy compounding as well as of U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) rigorous standards that are in place. Mr. Miller also has completely discounted the existence of the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) which regulates pharmacies, namely those engaging in inter-state commerce and making sterile medications which are often dispensed to physicians and hospitals.

IACP is setting the record straight with Mr. Miller. We urge our members to do the same. Leave Mr. Miller your take on his opinion piece in the article’s comments section. Let’s set the record straight about our profession! Read the entire article and leave your comments by clicking here.