A Message from William A. Stuart, RPh

Recently, I had the honor and privilege to present a webinar on behalf of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists; titled, Endotoxin Testing and Environmental Monitoring for Your Pharmacy. There were more than 130 attendees for this webinar which was aimed to present information for compounding pharmacists and technicians. I want to thank Associates of Cape Cod, Inc., for sponsoring this webinar and their commitment to compounding pharmacies. It is my understanding that IACP shall be offering  numerous webinars for 2014 that will contain more technical information with a focus on quality. I look forward to the future presentations.

About the Program: As the demand for compounded medications has increased and in light of recent tragic events, the pharmaceutical sterile compounding profession requires a greater understanding of quality assurance testing. This presentation educated individuals about sterile compounding principles of bacterial endotoxin testing and environmental monitoring. Attendees gained technological knowledge about how to provide the highest quality compound preparations for their patients.

About the Presenter: William A. Stuart, RPh, practicing pharmacist with more than 28 years in sterile compounding. Graduate of University of Arizona, certified in Aseptic Compounding from American College of Apothecaries and Bacterial Endotoxin Testing from Associates of Cape Code USA.

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