On September 12, 2013, Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia (R-VA), Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Gene Green (D-TX) released a bipartisan legislation, House Resolution 3089, the “Compounding Clarity Act of 2013.”  

Over the past few months, the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) has worked closely with the House Energy & Commerce Committee on behalf of our membership in an effort to incorporate needed provisions that Senate S. 959 does not address.

IACP is continuing to review the Bill, and believes it offers a significant improvement over the Senate bill. We look forward to continued collaboration with Congress on this draft.

There are some issues that will need to be resolved, including those that pertain to federal vs. state authority, and we are eager to begin that process.

IACP’s Summary of House Resolution 3089, The Compounding Clarity Act of 2013   

Click here to review IACP’s detailed summary of the House’s Draft Bill.      

House Resolution 3089 Draft Bill Introduced on September 12, 2013  

Click here to review the House Compounding Bill introduced, September 12, 2013      

Congressman Griffith’s Draft Bill Summary, September 12, 2013  

Click here for Congressman Griffith’s Compounding Summary of the Draft Bill    

IACP Members: Please forward your comments on this Draft Bill to iacpinfo@iacprx.org.

IACP is working to Protect, Promote & Advance Pharmacy Compounding.  

Posted September 16, 2013