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The June issue of Pharmacy Practice News interviews IACP’s David G. Miller, RPh, Executive Vice President/CEO in an article, “Does HELP Bill Go Far Enough.”

“The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) strongly disagreed that health-system pharmacies should be exempt from rules preventing batch preparation. ‘We would note that health systems were the primary client of NECC and they purchased these injections in large quantities without a patient script and without a doctor’s order,’ said David G. Miller, IACP’s executive vice president and chief executive. ‘All legislation or regulation pertaining to compounding should cover all pharmacy practices, whether they are freestanding or located within a hospital or health care facility.’” The exemption is ‘especially questionable in light of the volume and types of compounding done in hospital pharmacies, a substantial amount of which includes sterile compounded preparations,’” he said in written testimony. Click here to read more http://bit.ly/19YEXEE.