By:  IACP’s Executive Vice President & CEO David Miller, RPh.

There’s a feller waitin’ in Poughkeepsie…

When was the last time you read a newspaper?  The kind you hold in your hands? 

If you’re like me, it might take a few minutes to remember exactly how long it’s been.  Most of us get our news nowadays via the internet or television.  But many newspapers are still going strong because they adapted to changing tastes by melding the traditional print version (ink smudges and all) with on-line versions.  Me?  I admit to being an “on-liner” with the New York Times and a “smudger” with USAToday.

Regardless of how you read a paper, one thing hasn’t changed… journalists are always looking for stories.  And if you aren’t reaching to your local reporters to tout your compounding business, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to market and promote your practice.

The IACP Communications team is an amazing job in putting IACP out in the media.  On average, IACP is pushing out a story some way, somehow at least once a week.  Sometimes we place stories by following up with reporters that have contacted us.  Other times, members have asked for “quotable quotes” for a profile about their pharmacy. 

Here’s one that ran last weekend in the Poughkeepside Journal highlighting one of our members, Glenn Arpino from Poughkeepsie, NY.   Click here to read the article.

Regardless of how we get started, it usually ends up with an e-mail or phone call to me that essentially says “get Dave on the phone with the reporter and have him talk the poor person to death.”  That helps us promote compounding and IACP and YOUR practice all at the same time.  It also helps us emphasize over and over again that compounding is a long-standing tradition in patient care, that compounding must and needs to be paid for as a part of everyone’s health care coverage, and that we work WITH prescribers to CREATE genuine solutions to medical problems.

So… think about this as a quick and easy and FREE marketing opportunity.  Call a local newspaper, ask for the health reporter, tell them about how you are making health care personal in an increasingly depersonalized world.  Send them to us, too, for all kinds of extra information. 

Here’s the neat thing. 

Yes, you’ll be famous and in print (buy extra copies of the paper for your staff, family, friends, neighbors, people on the street).  Tape it to the register.  Slap in on the counter for your customers and patients to see.  Wash your hands to get the ink off afterwards.

And then head over to the internet.  Thanks to IACP’s work with with Google heuristics to “push” us to the top of “compounding” searches, your article for the on-line version of that story will go “virtual”.  Not only will you be in print, it will also be on-line for anybody and everybody to read.  For free.  In seconds.

No offense to Glenn or his fine town immortalized by the Andrews Sisters but… would you have EVER picked up the Poughkeepside Journal?  But I bet you clicked or will click on that link above.  And if you did that, thousands of others – consumers, legislators, pharmacists, payors, etc. – are doing the same thing.